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When we broke up, man I went crazy,
confused, sad, and sometimes even lazy
I’ve apologized and apologized and
you don’t seem to care. So now
without you I feel so bare.
I’ve wrote notes and called on
the phone but at the end of
the day I’m still all alone.
You don’t realize how bad I’m hurting.
Especially when all the guys come
around flirting! You’re the one for
me I know in my heart. I feel
so empty when we are apart.
You haven’t talked to me in what
seems like forever. I’ve tired
and tried to get you back. You
were the one to keep me on track.
I know what I did was really wrong.
But PLEASE give me another chance
it’s been so long!!
you have my heart locked by a chain
and the farther you walk the harder
the pain. Baby, I have paid a price
and I will also pay a fee. If only
you ever decide to come back to
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